Jan de Rooster

The name Jan de Rooster immediately points to the fact that this artist is a full-blooded Belgian, hailing from that tiny country which produced so many world famous artists. He was born in the Flemish capital of Antwerp and in 1986 the De Rooster family immigrated to South Africa after Jan has spent most of his childhood in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Jan returned to his country of birth in 1975 to study art as a full-time student at the St Lucas Hoger Instituut Voor Beeldende Kunsten in Brussels, where he passed this challenging three year course with distinction. With his outstanding talent and hunger to develop and hone his creativity, he also enrolled for a four-year course at the Stedelyke Academie Voor Schone Kunsten in Leuven, once again graduating with outstanding merit.

During 1979 Jan held his first of nine solo exhibitions in Belgium, after his first exhibition at the tender age of 18 in South Africa when he introduced his wildlife paintings to the public. Since then many exhibitions in all the main centres of South Africa followed.

With his outstanding ability to capture detail in female figures, Jan has brought a fresh and exciting dimension to the South African art scene. It carries the unmistakable trademark of the European influence and has come to present the local public with a level of detail and quality rarely encountered before. Jan's art is sold all over the world and forms part of private collections in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Peru, Australia and Namibia.

Lately he has moved away from his popular etchings and pastels, and is now concentrating on figures in oil on canvas. The latest addition to his repertoire is experimenting with abstracts in oil, thereby capturing different moods in a way that adds an invigorating spectrum to this category of the South African market.

"Good art is like cooking good food. It can be tasted but can not be explained."Maurice de Vlaminck

Viola size: 900 x 750
R 15 600.00
ref: JD13
Pensive Nude size: 750 x 900
R 15 600.00
ref: JD14
White Dove size: 900 x 750
R 15 600.00
ref: JD15
Picnic size: 900 x 750
R 15 600.00
ref: JD16
Dining size: 750 x 900
R 15 600.00
ref: JD17
SOLD: The Proposition size: 900 x 750
R 15 600.00
ref: JD18
SOLD: Trio size: 900 x 1200
R 23 200.00
ref: JD19
SOLD: Fusion size: 900 x 1200
R 23 200.00
ref: JD20