Frieda Luhl

Frieda: “I love Namibia Thanks mom! If you had not been on my case after my matric year and gently pushed me (I think the exact words you used were: “Ok, you have to decide now what you want to do with your future!”), I might not have become a goldsmith. Growing up on a farm in Namibia was the ultimate inspiration to what would become my passion for life. The endless Namib, the flora and fauna of this vast and beautifully arid landscape leaves me with more than one heart string attached to this amazing country. After an introduction to jewellery manufacturing in Germany, where I was fortunate to work with Birte Wieda, a fantastic jeweller who did amazing things in her 6 m2 workshop-come-shop, I was ready to pursue my education in jewellery design and manufacture in Schwaebisch-Gmuend, Germany. Traditionally these studies take three years and include the art of manufacturing items (bowls, vessels, goblets, cutlery, etc.), a wide variety of techniques (engraving, granulation, enamelling, the setting of stones), as well as putting a big emphasis on the design of jewellery and its history. After my studies, I started an apprenticeship in Aachen, Germany, to gain even more in-depth experience. When I finally came to Cape Town in 2004 and opened my studio, it was a-dream-come-true for me. After being involved in a multitude of creative ventures, from organizing events and teaching jewellery classes to exhibiting my work in South Africa and Namibia, I finally followed my heart and moved back to Windhoek, Namibia, where I set up a new studio at the end of 2012. Being able to create a piece or artwork that exists only to be enjoyed and appreciated, as well as to inspire, gives me great pleasure. I like to keep an open mind and find artistic challenges that inspire me moving forward. People that have inspired me on my journey so far are the Namibian sculptor Dörte Berner, South African artist Judy Woodborne (whose etching class inspired my designs), Jugendstil’s Kolo Moser and ‘Die Wiener Werkstaette”, as well as a textile course with South African-based German artist Nadja Bossmann.” Frieda Lühl

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