Gerhard van Eck

Gerhard van Eck was born in Cape Town in the late 1970s in Cape Town. After traveling extensively in Africa, he returned to the Western Cape and commenced a career in the construction industry. His involvement in this sector provided widespread exposure to the planning and formation of various structures – experience that prepared him well for his sculptural journey.

Gerhard has devoted himself to the development of his personal approach to figure sculpting – he continuously experiments with different mediums and studies figure movements to better understand the human and animal anatomy. His work has become known for its ability to capture inherent emotion and energy.

Recently he also started to focus on art performance; incorporating live acting models to enhance some of his works.

“The process of understanding the movement of anatomy is a painstakingly craft that will never loses its magic to me.” GvE

Gerhard’s experience in the construction industry and his interest in the human figure have resulted in his core focus on human anatomical balance and the incorporation of architectural elements and design.

He works in different mediums like: concrete, acrylic resin & also bronze sculptures.

Gerhard’s works are on exhibition in several galleries in South Africa and has been sold to art collectors from South Africa and abroad. He believes in the power of art to aesthetically enhance open spaces, whether it be private, corporate or public areas. His passion is making art accessible to all people and beautifying the communities where we live.

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