Michael Canadas

Michael Canadas was born in 1978 in White River, South Africa. After matriculating he finished a series of diplomas in wildlife management and capture, as well as a degree in nature conservation. His passion for art however led him in a total different direction.

In 1998 he started his apprenticeship in an art foundry and started studying the Alchemy of bronze in 2000. The opportunity to start his own business arose and The Loop Art Foundry was born. Extensive research went into the art of casting bronze sculpture and all his attention and focus went into mastering this ancient art. A course on the patination of silicon bronze also followed by arguably the top patineur in the USA, Patrick Kipper, and on bronze casting by Dick Pollock from the Pollock Tallix Foundry in Beacon New York. As a result Michael now do casting for well over 350 sculptors including renowned artists such as Tienie Prichard, Heidi Hadaway, Anton Smit, Danie De Jager, Mieke Oldenburg, Michael Kolzenick, Keith Joubert, Bobby Lawrence, Dumeli Feni, Valaphi Mzimba, Speelman Mahlangu, Francois De Wet and Kobus Hattingh.

Personally, he started work on his own sculpture, gradually building up a collection of works with collectors from the USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Mozambique, Singapore, The United Aram Emirates, France, Germany and South Africa all adding his name to their collection of fine bronzes. The Artist has also received commission from private collectors as well as Corporate companies and Organisations including the Kruger National Park, Extrata Platinum and Eland Platinum Mines.

My works are born from my inherent love and passion for nature, not only wildlife but the ancient peoples and cultures that came before me. From an early age i was exposed to the outdoors in particular the African Bushveld. Growing up on the doorstep of the world famous Kruger National Park, it was naturally the perfect place to spend weekends and holidays, and this is where my passion for wildlife grew even stronger.

Within every new piece I trace my own evolution and learning process, as I try to capture that specific essence and moment in time in the life of my subject I try to retrain the beginning strokes and gestures of each sculptures, because that to me contains the excitement and truth of the creative process.

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