Richard Scott

The Early Years
I played around for 3 years to find the right medium, style and use of colour that would get my feelings across. I wanted to show the world that I disliked the conditioning of people that has resulted in what we know today as society. Yes, we are supposed to be social, but greed, self promotion, policing and survival in this environment, have led to the building of barriers between what we think is freedom and what is real freedom.

I want to be unique. I want to lead the way. I want to paint my thoughts on canvas in the most simple, colourful and pure way. I even wanted my signature to be simple, pure and unique.replica panerai watches

I spent many hours researching the current work of artists around the world. But no artist’s work captured the pureness, simplicity and colour for me in the way I wanted to see it. It frustrated me for many years as I went about my painting.

The Great Day
I have always had a passion to paint; now I had found how I could marry my anger at modern society with my love of painting. I could finally get my message across. This was a great day. An even greater day when I dropped off 5 paintings at Hout Bay Gallery and the owner, John Hargitai, told me he was willing to hang my paintings in his gallery. John’s partner Marika bought my first painting within 10 minutes of my arrival there, the other four we sold in the same week. Seven more sold in the following three weeks, and 112 in the next 10 months. I have, to date, sold 700 pieces through 5 local and 2 international galleries.

My Paintings
I want my paintings to show how simple and how pure life itself is. I found myself painting white subjects with thick black lines surrounded with solid vibrant colour. Partly thanks to Paul Gauguin, who once told a student if you see pure vermilion, paint pure vermilion, and mostly thanks to me wanting to get a powerful message across.

The white represents the pureness of the subject, the secret world within us, the secret world within every tiny object and creature. The worlds we, as humans, only show to those very close to us. The worlds of creatures that we know so little about. Society has conditioned us to ignore this and focus on the outer shell, the colourful outer shell. We only expose the pureness when we break down our lines and can no longer cope with the situation society has presented us with.

We choose to see the colourful side of subjects. It all stems from evolution and our origination from apes and creatures where the colourful and strong ones get to eat and mate to ensure survival.

Society has conditioned humans to draw such hard thick lines between our outer and inner beings, that we cannot see the white for the colour. Humans even do this with nature and man-made material objects. We choose to ignore the animal life and mountains and forests. We chose not to see the pureness of these subjects, we choose to kill and cut down to use in our colourful society. Our conditioned society.

I have tried to capture the words above in my paintings. I have no hatred, only the happiness that I choose to question this condition, how else could I paint and show the world how simple we actually are, but choose to be complex.

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